Grants and Community Benefit Fund

Queen Camel Parish Council gives money back to the community from both the Community Benefit Fund and from its annual income. If you are unsure which sort of application to make the clerk will be happy to advise.

Community Benefit Fund

The Community Benefit Fund holds the payments received from Downing, the company who manage the Queen Camel Solar Farm. The fund is ring-fenced by the parish council accounts for community projects and is administered by the Community Benefit Fund Panel which consists of 2 Councilors and 5 parishioners.

The Fund is primarily concerned with funding new and larger projects that will have a positive impact for years to come.

The Panel met for the first time in July 2021 and the Agenda and Minutes of their meetings can be found this page

Grants and donations

Queen Camel Parish Council are also able to give grants and small donations to parish organisations. The money for this comes from the annual income of the parish (the precept) and is therefore constrained by what is affordable each year. The money is intended to assist with annual running costs (rather than new projects), and will not generally cover the whole expenditure of an activity. To apply please read to the following policy which includes the application form.

Applications may be reviewed solely by the parish council, or by the Community Benefit Fund Panel.