Grants and Donations

Applications for grants and donations are made to the Queen Camel Community Benefit Fund Panel which consists of two Councillors and five parishioners. Their task is to review all applications and to make recommendations to the Parish Council which makes the final decision.

To apply for a grant or donation please read the Guide for Applicants and use one of the forms below.

These are the Terms of Reference for the Community Benefit Fund Panel and the Agenda and Minutes of the Panel meetings can be found by following the links HERE

Where do the funds come from?

Queen Camel Parish Council allocate money from the precept each year to provide grants and donations to the community. These amounts will vary from year to year based on affordability. Grants and donations from this source are generally for smaller projects and may include assistance with running costs.

The Community Benefit Fund consists of funds that are ring-fenced in the Parish Council reserves for community projects. The fund holds payments received from Downing LLP, the company which now manages the Solar Farm on Sutton Montis Road. Solar power funds are intended for use by projects that will have a positive impact for years to come.

What has been funded by the Downing solar power fund?